why does eveyrone ban whats wrong with you people?

im a big lover of electronic music and i do share my music files. I have noticed a lot of users do not share if you dont have music there looking for then they say share vinyls share this share that. How can a person share if they do not have the music or vinyls that they're looking for then you getimmediate ban. The more we share the more all of us can open our ears and minds to new music and the more we share the more music we all can listen too and enjoy. Soulseek as way to many selfish users did any of you make that music?? so why act like its all yours. I bet your keen to download when you see something that your looking for. Your on a sharing site so why dont share. Im asking "nir" the making of soulseek can he bring out a release to make it fair to all users and bring out a version that where you have too share your files music else that user cannot go on it. make it so there still would be ways around where you can only download so many files at once or so on. I bet users who have many music files will have option to share or be on another version of soulseek. I think the one that has most users would be ones where everyone is sharing and can download from eachother without being banned. That then would be fair to all soulseekers
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I strongly disagree. The decision of what to share and the power to ban should stay in the hands of the users. I do understand your frustration, but I don't agree with excluding people from the system just because they didn't share X number of files or certain types of files, or have at least 1 upload slot and at least X amount of verifiable upstream bandwidth. People who don't want to share anything will just game the system and share some crappy files no one wants.

Besides, the ability to ban is a necessity if you encounter suspicious or abusive downloaders... if someone is just queuing files to get you in trouble, or harass you, or tie up your download slots because they're on a very slow link... you don't want to have to be forced to serve them.

true, but you can also misuse this feature to get people muzzled! i had such case: one user said he banned me because he doesn't like greedy users who only download but don't reshare them. i told him that i hate to share my incomplete folder and only occasionally move stuff over to public share. the misunderstanding was eliminated. fine . --- but then, in one night, he took 12 (TWELVE) albums in one go! so who's the greedy one here??
but thing is, since his collection is brilliant and with lots of rarities, what if i complain, or criticize him/speak up? i would get banned and not be able to download from him again. so i better shut up, even though (!) a complaint would have been justified (he accuses users to be 'greedy', but he being none the better can't be called a role model either can he!)

A user banned me because because he doesn't like my collection of 30.230 files. But, WHAT???? THERE IS A RULE ABOUT THIS??? I have to share files the guy from who I am downloading need to like my collection?? Come on: I think this is not the intention of soulseek...

This is still happening. I've been banned twice because the other guy didn't want any of my files. Another guy denied me because he said I had downloaded too many files a few weeks ago. I downloaded about 12 files from that guy. I think there needs to be a way to make banning a last resort.

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the ban system is causing more troubles than benefits in the Soulseek network, because it allow some users become selfish and leechers.

for example there is some users that share a lot of files, but when do you want to download something from them, you could got banned (for no reason, even if you are sharing files) or the Download Queue always stay in 0, and the download never start.

I really don't understand what is the purpose of some users to show a lot of files shared in a P2P network, if later they don't allow others users download those files.

some of the users with this behavior are: DJ_SATANIK, DANCE ATTACK, and few others.

The bottom line is there are some absolute jerks that use soulseek and lots of decent sharers too. You cannot force people one way or the other or they will stop using soulseek. I took the decision a long time ago to make my shares userlist only. The rules i have are:

If i download from someone (anything at all) they get added to my userlist
If someone messages me asking to be added to my userlist i add them
If someone systematically goes through my folders collecting missing gaps in their collection then I warn them
If they continue to do this, i ban them

Personally I don't see anything wrong with this approach (well obviously) and I would probably stop using soulseek if i was forced to share files with everyone. I do an awful lot of vinyl ripping and i do not mind sharing with others, but only if i know they love the music and are not simply collecting commodities to use for trade / selling purposes.

That's foolish, as long as they didn't grab whole discogs from you, and were missing something that another user didn't have, if it's not a huge EP, LP, etc... You should be kind, not everybody stockpiles.

i have many years of experience with peer to peer and also computer usage when i find the ones who don't share or just download & leech i don't even worry about them it all comes back to them in the long run had much the same problem with napster before all infrimgment rights were legal so my advise is just go with the flow or if you want ban the ones that ban you ...

Hello there, I would like to ask anyone if you happen to know why I can't get any feedback when I search, even the soulseek logo is red -but Im supposed to be online- I can't search I cant talk to anyone, im not sure if I got banned? I did get a lot of messages but I wasn't sure why exactly until maybe now that I just realized that I wasn't sharing any files and that was because I use to share other files from a different cpu and I changed, forgot to update but now I updated the file and still I can't do anything. Also tried downloading Soulseek again but didn't work. Help?


If the soulseek logo is red then you are not connected to the soulseek server.