Web interface for headless mode

hi there, it would be really nice to have the possibility to use soulseek also as a daemon on headless linux boxes (ie. nas servers) and manage it remotely through a web interface, like it happens with other p2p clients (mldonkey, transmission, etc.) is it anything feasible? at least for the linux version would be really useful. thankx
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That's very unlikely to happen any time soon :) It's way too much work for something that very few people are likely to end up using.

that's a shame, i would love to have that :(

i wanted to ask developere of the same feauture (something kind of transmission-daemon) on linux, but there is already asked, so +1 :)

I herewith promise to look into that, once SoulseekQt will become open source one fine day.
Or once we get at least provided an API to pull this data out of Slsk and cram it onto a web page. Then the rest would simply be a fairly easy PHP/CGI beginner's job.
On the API side it will, however, be a nightmare to code that since it will involve a lot of recursion, and has to be done with a profound knowledge in the matter in order not to mess it all up.
Still, a true API would be marvellous...one can dream, can he?