Related Searches - Hide Checkbox to save screen footprint

Hi - I think it would be GUI friendly to allow for the "Related Searches" sidepane to be hidden. When going through the search results in column mode - that screen real-estate is very valuable since I like to make the "Folder" and "File" columns very wide to be able to see long filenames and long foldernames. Also - regarding saving screen real-estate - there seems to also be a lot of wasted space in the "Manual Searches - Wish List Searches - Received Searches" subwindow. There is also some wasted space above the tab-bar starting with "Transfers". My vote would be to try to maximize the screen real-estate available to be able to view Search Results as much as possible. Because users are often trying to sift through large amounts of results in order to try to find specific content / songs / mixes / etc. Thanks.
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You can use the splitter to completely hide the related searches pane, though the splitter setting is not memorized which might be a good idea. I'll add that to my to do list. As to the wasted space, I'm glad you brought that up. I've looked into it before and couldn't figure out how to eliminate it. Turns it there is a way to do that, so the contents of the Transfers, Rooms, Chat, Search, Users and Browse tabs should be tighter in the next build.

Thanks, Nir