add 'download folder' to context menu

need 'download folder' in context menu for search and user's filelist
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You don't like the button?

I think using the contextmenu is much faster than moving your mousecursor to button in the corner all the time

I also regularly open the context menu before realizing it's not there. (It'd be convenient because you select an item from the list and you'd start downloading right there. I know it's a minor problem, just a small usability feature. I'd also add the option of downloading by simply double-clicking on the item.)

All item-specific options (rather than view-specific) will eventually be moved to context menus.

Thanks Nir!
Looking forward to that!

BTW, you're doing a GREAT job with your SlskQT client! 156/157 got more bells and whistles, OK, but now finally the decade-long absence of Unicode support has come to an end! I remember having *rebooted* WinXP sometimes w/changing system locale everytime to find some Greek or Hebrew stuff..!!

this thread probably pertains an old version of the client but can you PLEASE restore the old "download folder" function!?! i dont know how many times i tried to download a folder but when i click on browse it just gives me the shared files, but doesnt point me to the folder that i wanted to download!! and worst of all, that happens mostly with users that have alot of files - which is when i need it the most!! and usually, users with alot of files have the rarest stuff, which means i REALLY REALLY want that folder. just give us a warning message for 50-or-so files and higher that needs to get clicked. there is no practical reason to keep it the way it is. if someone wants to download EVERYTHING, they can still do that, just go to browse.. it just makes it difficult for the serious users.

There is a practical reason, which is that you otherwise you don't know what you're downloading. It just seems like bad practice to me to allow users to download files they're unaware of, regardless that it's how the old client did it. Also, if you use 'Browse Folder' in the context menu instead of 'Browse User's Files' it should take you straight to where the folder is in the share.

Actually one thing I can try doing is present the user with a dialog when there are files in the folder that are not visible in the results, then give them the option of downloading or not downloading those extra files. Let me see what I can come up with.

Try this build:

When you use the download folder option this time around, it'll present you with a list of all the files in the folder and let you pick which ones to download (all by default.) Let me know what you think!

hey nir, thanks for the troubles mate!
unfortunately it doesnt do anything anymore. the download folder option used to download the single file from the search results, now it doesnt do anything at all. i checked if theres maybe a new checkbox in the options you forgot to mention but nope. i tried in windowed and maximized to see if its a glitch in rendering the popup. maybe i am missing something? i am using win7 pro x64 if that helps.
also, with regards to my previous comment: i AM using the browse button from the context menu in the search results. when users have alot of files it doesnt focus on the folder i want to download.
maybe you could just implement an option to enable/disable the download folder button. it didnt really do anything anyway. so you could have it disabled by default, but let users enable it in the options. then give a warning popup when its more than 50 files or so.

Ah, sorry, I just saw your message. Yes there's a bug in the version I posted, here's a link to a newer build:

Thanks, Nir