soulad not supported

hi, im using soulad since the beginning of using soulseek. i think many people also. are you planning support for soulad for QT?
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Well, we had no part in getting soulad to work with Soulseek in the first place, so soulad support for SoulseekQt isn't really our domain.

I made soulad forevvvver ago, I lost the source-- I can try to fix it up for QT.. if that's okay with Nir?

It's cool to see people using the program still =)

Oh yeah, I see people using Soulad in chatrooms all the time. I'm not sure how Soulad works, but let me know if there's anything I can do on my side to make it work.

Thanks, Nir

nshamas, it would be wonderful if you could get soulad to work with slsk QT ! Please drop a note when a new version would be available. thanks for your effort.