Upload Speed Limit

There seems to be a problem with speed limits. With no speed limit engaged I am uploading at 130Kbs (to a specific user), when I check the box, and create an upload limit to 25Kbs, the upload slows to 5-6Kbs. Also, when unchecking, and checking the 'Limit Upload Speed to' check box, I notice that current downloads are aborted, or disrupted. All bandwidth seems to cease temporarily. Public Build 5 - OSX - Snow Leopard
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The speed limit issue is something I've noticed in the Mac and Linux builds, even though it seems to work very well in windows. I haven't experienced the issue of unlimiting and limiting disrupting downloads, I'll test for that on Mac. Anyway right now the whole upload limiting business relies on setting up timers and continuously compensating for inaccuracies by sending more or less data whenever each timer expires. This clearly only works well on Windows, so I'll be looking into alternative ways of doing this eventually. Unfortunately I can't promise a quick solution for this on Mac... I'll do my best to try to fix this as soon as I can.