Move to "complete" only folder when all files are complete

I've failed to find anything this specific in previous requests, so sorry if this has been already requested. Sometimes crashes screw up recently pending downloads. Most of the time we download complete folders/albums and losing the listing usually causes the following issues: *A folder with 1 incomplete file (the one that was downloading at the time of the crash) *A folder with several downloaded files (that are complete themselves, but are just a part of the folder that was downloading in the first place) The former are quite easy to track down and remove. But the latter stay in the complete folder littering amongst otherwise perfectly complete albums. Finding the exact same files/folder after the crash to continue the existing download is often a titanic quest. My solution: Keep the downloading album in the "downloading" folder until all of its files are downloaded and the move the whole folder into "complete". This ensures that only successfully downloaded folders make it to "complete" allowing the user to purge the "downloading" folder in case of a crash and start from the top. Bonus: This will make it easier to clean up after a folder has been aborted half way through the download. Again, excuse me if this has already been requested elsewhere.
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i was thinking the same

Yeah, it would be useful if only folders which have all the tracks complete would get transferred in the complete folder.

I definitely second this request, everytime I cancel a download I have to delete the partially downloaded album in two different places and that's often a source of confusion.

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very good point, but most importantly let us choose if we want these folders in first place

I absolutely agree. In any case, don't go imposing that on us - let everyone decide individually. Make it optional, that is to say.

Important one, this!

I also would like this option

this would really finish soulseek:) when you want to move only complete downloaded folders to your sorting folder, you allways have to doublecheck in soulseek if all files have been downloaded...

Such a good request thats posted 2 years ago. Supporting this one.