Request for the ability to be able to reorder the columns at will

After a discussion with Nir, it's safe to say we are both curious whether more people would want the following feature as much as I would. :) Please allow us to be able to reorder the columns both in the search and transfers screens at will. Like, click on the "folder" column and drag & drop it upon the "user" column thus having it take its place and having "folder" (which usually translates as “album”) appear as the first column and lock there if we want, pretty much as it happens in applications like Utorrent and Mp3tag. I think the order of the columns is really crucial for the whole search/transfer workflow (the very essence of soulseek) and I guess you could see how it's merely a matter of preference. For example, you used to have "filename" as the first column in NS so everything was practically revolving around that. Now the whole system is user-centered (with user being the first column) which is good when you want to download lots of stuff from the same person but I think most often than not, people merely want to download a single track or (some) album(s) at a time so it makes sense having "folder" or "filename" as the first column rather than the "user" if you want. You can always communicate with the user or search in his sharelist if you want to download more, it doesn't necessarily need to appear first of everything else. Moreover, people with smaller monitors/resolutions might find it limiting/annoying that they are forced seeing the "user" column first of all while stuff like "progress" and "ETA" comes much later in a way they might even have to minimize the length of everything else to be able to see those columns. Another example would be searching for a single track. I perform the search and I have to look as far as the fifth column to see whether that's the track I am searching for and even have to mess with the columns length to examine the version of the track (live?/remix?). And all that while the user column stands proud first, at the far left while frankly, I just don't need it right now, not before I even locate the track. Thanks.
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This would be very helpful to me based upon if I am searching for files via Folder, Bitrate, Size, etc. Often times I like to make the user the last column - and have the filename the first column since my brain jives like this. Also I should be able to right-click on the column header and then uncheck/check to hide/show columns. Hopefully QT abstractions should be available to handle these automatically.

QHeaderView: built-in RMB menu to show/hide columns?

I think this is a great idea. "User" being the first column without being able to change that makes no sense, I'd match rather have "file" appearing first. Please allow us to be able to reorder the columns. Thanks!

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I agree with all the above. Today I started using the QT just to mess a little with it and the inability to sort the columns in the way I like most was one of the issues I noted in first place. I have some other things to note but this is not the place. For the moment I'm going to stay in NS. See, we users use to be very very conservative with the software we love. SoulSeek is one of those beloved. You should have not touched the UI very much.

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I support that idea too. And perhaps its also right moment to let user rearrange tabs as well? such customization is a step towards those, who migrated from NS.

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I think that the general feature implemented here is further customization: let the user decide what he wants and give him the ability to configure the application to suit his needs. I support any feature that increases customization in any application.