Online invisibility to selected users

I know this probably isn't on important list but I would like a feature that you can hide from a certain person without changing your name.
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I completely agree with this. There are some users who I don't want to ban or ignore, but they can be irritating and distracting, or similarly leech too regularly.

This sounds like some sort of reverse ignore.

But wouldn't this be a little tricky to implement in the chatroom?
The server would have to keep track of who you are hiding from (or invisible to) and not send them what you type nor your online/away status.

Isn't this what the "away" status was designed for?

If you are invisible this presents difficulties as soulseek-chatter points out, but in addition this would mean that the server would have to exclude you from that person's search results as well or it will seem very strange to them that they can download from you when you aren't online!

I think if you just used your away / online statuses as they were supposed to, then while you are "away" you can simply ignore any pm's that come your way, as the other person would know that you use "away" when you are not sat eagerly awaiting their messages.

Perhaps a toggle to "not receive private messages" at a group / user level would solve this one?