Online/ Away Status

Be great if you can add the online and away status toggles (and visual representations thereof) into QT. Lots of people think i'm ignoring them as it seems to default to online status when viewed in the old client.
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I'll get this done by the next release.

Thanks, Nir

You are a hero.

Hah, thank me when it's out :) I have a bunch of stuff planned for the next release as well (user initiated uploads, update notifications and a fair number of smaller, but still sizeable features), so I can't say when it'll all be ready.

Sounds like a mixed bag of goodness. Thanks. Referring to you as a "hero" was based on past experience. You'll soon be heading towards super-hero status! ;P

This is done, right? "Available" / "Away" toggle in upper left corner of the client.

We need this in the chatroom too.