Automatic Client update/notification

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I think it'd be good if the slsk client could notify of an update and either auto update or link to a download
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I agree :) A lot of old members in the chat rooms seem unaware that Slsk is being updated.

+1. On Mac it's common to get a notification from the client for updates and let the client update itself (so not manually downloading a .dmg file somewhere).

+1. Not sure if it's possible using Qt?

Making the client update itself cross-platform is certainly tricky, but a notification that sends you to the download page shouldn't be too hard to manage.

If you want to see how it's properly done, check FileZilla (for Windows). If you think SoulseekQT is stable enough, you could send a chat message to all users, making them aware of the new Soulseek QT. And you could make QT update itself when needed (after asking the user).

I like the way it works currently. The client lets you know if there's a new version out, and lets you download it using your default browser. It may not be a hundred percent as easy as updating itself, but it makes it much easier to account for the differences between platforms, and the primary purpose of letting you know there's a new version out is being served.

I didn't know that was implemented already. Good enough for me!

Ah! I see. I'm glad to hear :)

This doesn't seem to work for me anymore - I haven't received a notification for the last 4 or so builds - Is it still implemented?

I'm using Win7 by the way.

Yeah, I've had some doubts about the last few builds that haven't cleared yet. I've received a crash report for the very latest build that I'm looking into now. I'll release through auto-update when I feel more confident about it :)