OR search operator

We can use - to exclude a term or "quotes" to match a phrase, it would be nice to be able to search for term1 || term2. For example: flac || ape to get more lossless results.
Backward incompatible
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It won't be possible to do this in a way that won't interfere with the way the current client processes searches unfortunately.

Other than the trivial "make two separate searches and merge the results" approach, it might be a good time to add support for new search query messages. Afterall, everyone will be moving to SoulseekQT sooner rather than later...

Seems like this is a basic boolean operator that somehow should be implemented...

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couldn't it be implemented by transmitting the operators in a way that's unlikely to be matched by an old client like "(term1||term2) term3 OR term4" => "_Qt_BEG_Qt_ term1 _Qt_OR_Qt_ term2 _Qt_END_Qt_ term3 _Qt_OR_Qt_ term4"